Eco leather

The leather I use in this collection is from free walking goats and water buffalos in Nigeria and South Africa. The leather is prepared by hand through all natural methods and treated with vegetable wax to sustain it’s beauty.

Fair labour sweet water pearls

All pearls in this collection are natural sweet water pearls. They grow slowly on small family farms in the Hainan province of China, with good conditions for every one involved.

Organic seeds

Organically grown superfood & high frequence holy seeds from Indonesia, Brazil and Nepal.

Natural nuts

Wild harvest nuts from the Himalayas and from Amazon of Ecuador and Brazil.


Wooden beads from the Himalayas and from certified tropical trees of Indonesia.

Silver chains

With care for our earth, we are using recycled sliver as far as possible. Our current sources are Italy, United States and Bali.

Golden chains

Life long quality chain. 14K gold filled, meaning a strong layer of real gold is melted into a base cord of brass.


Treat your jewels with gentleness. Keep well wrapped while travelling, keep dry and protected from perfumes.

Hand made with Love

All pieces are designed in alignment with nature and montaged by loving hands in The Netherlands and on Bali.