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How to: match your bridal jewellery with your wedding dress | collaboration with Ciel Flora

How to: match your bridal jewellery with your wedding dress | collaboration with Ciel Flora

We have some very exciting news to share with you: we have started a collaboration with a beautiful conscious bridal store, Ciel Flora. For a long time, we have been envisioning a collaboration with a bridal label so we are beyond thrilled to have found this match! Ciel Flora is a bridal boutique in Heeze, the Netherlands, that sells the most enchanting sustainable and vintage wedding dresses with romantic, feminine and bohemian elements. They offer both authentic vintage dresses and new dresses from various eco-responsible designers. From this moment onwards, Ciel Flora will be presenting a selection of our fine bridal jewellery in their store, of which our designer Julia recently made the first batch by hand. This way, you can find your dream gown as well as your dream wedding jewellery in one place. In honour of this new collaboration, in today’s post we wanted to share some ideas to help you match your choice of bridal jewellery to your wedding dress. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Matching your bridal jewellery to the neckline of your dress

We understand that you want to create the most beautiful outfit for your special day: a fabulous look that radiates balance and romance, and that looks complete and tied together. Therefore, it is of great importance that your wedding dress matches the jewellery you pick. There are several ways to make sure your dress and choice of jewellery suit each other well, and choosing your jewellery based on the neckline of your wedding gown is one of them.Singo Earrings Gold PlatedSingö short Necklace

Bridal jewellery for a strapless or sweetheart neckline

Does your dream dress have a strapless or sweetheart neckline? Then we recommend to opt a shorter, more subtle necklace, in order to create height and balance in your neck-area. As a sweetheart neckline is playful and softly shaped, a shorter necklace with a round or organically shaped pendant will work wonderfully. We would suggest a pair of classic matching earrings to complete the look.

Singö Earrings Gold

Bridal jewellery for a halter neckline

As a halter neckline is the highest possible neckline, a longer necklace complements it nicely, seeing as there already is much emphasis on the neck: a longer necklace sits lower and, especially with a beautiful pendant, draws the attention to the chest. Broader earrings make the perfect addition to this bridal look.

Majestic Mussel Necklace Gold

Bridal jewellery for a V-neckline

With a V-neck wedding dress, the décolleté is the focal point. A necklace with an angular pendant will complement the shape of this neckline perfectly; don’t be afraid to opt for a bolder pendant in this case. You could also choose to layer a longer pendant necklace with a shorter, more minimalistic necklace. Long, dangling earrings work great with this neckline to add extra depth and verticality.


Bridal jewellery for an open-back dress

We absolutely love open-back wedding dresses as they have such a romantic and feminine feel to them. To add some sophisticated playfulness, we suggest wearing a pendant necklace the other way around, so the pendant rests on your open back. The perfect way to accessorize if you like something a little different, but still want to look stylish. By adding a classic bangle bracelet, you can give your look a timeless touch.

Does your dress have a different neckline? Then you may want you consult our previous styling blog on picking the right necklace for various kinds of necklines.

Matching your bridal jewellery to your wedding dress colour

Another essential element to take into account when matching your bridal jewellery to your dress, is colour. As we mentioned in our post with tips on how to pick the jewellery for your wedding day, ideally, the colour of your jewellery will match the undertone of your skin as well as the color accents of your dress. Here’s a few basic guidelines to keep in mind to find that perfect match.

Bridal jewellery for a white wedding dress

If your wedding dress is white, we recommend to go for silver-coloured jewellery. This metal nicely complements the bright hue of the dress. At Julia Otilia, you can find a wide selection of fine wedding jewellery made with sustainable recycled 925 silver.

Bridal jewellery for a cream-coloured or ivory wedding dress

Is your dress cream-coloured or ivory? Then it has a warm undertone, meaning it will work best with gold jewellery. Discover our bridal jewellery pieces made with sustainable 18K gold here.

Bridal jewellery for a champagne-coloured wedding dress

A champagne coloured dress pairs beautifully with gold jewellery because of its warm hue. Matte, brushed silver jewellery also works, if you’re looking an elegant vintage feel.

Bridal jewellery for a blush-pink wedding dress

A gown with pink accents or a blushy undertone matches perfectly with rose gold jewellery. Yet, both silver or gold jewellery may work with a gown in this colour.

Retaining balance between your bridal jewellery & your wedding dress

Again, if you wish to create a harmonious, stylish-looking bridal outfit, balance is key. We suggest to combine both statement and subtle pieces of jewellery to create an interesting ensemble. You could choose one focal, bolder piece of jewellery and then combine it with more subtle pieces: for example, long, dangling earrings with a minimalistic necklace, or a necklace with a large pendant with smaller stud earrings. Or, opt for a matching set in the same style. Either way, ideally, your jewellery and your dress should complement each other rather than try to outshine each other. We love timeless bridal jewellery pieces as it’s very likely you’ll still be incredibly happy with your choice of jewellery years later (when you look through your wedding pictures again, remembering, dreaming…) and this allows you to enjoy wearing your beautiful jewellery pieces again and again long after your wedding, too (and thus to be transported back to that lovely day whenever you wear them!).

We hope these tips were helpful: if you’re looking for more wedding jewellery inspiration, be sure to read our post about wedding jewellery symbolism as well. And of course, don’t forget to check out Ciel Flora’s website or visit their store to view their amazing wedding dresses and our bridal jewellery collection.

Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht, the Netherlands. Are you looking for your ideal sustainable bridal jewellery? Don’t forget to check out our jewellery collection.