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5 New Year’s resolutions from us at Julia Otilia for a conscious 2023

Making process of our sustainable & ethical jewellery inspired by nature in our design studio

5 New Year’s resolutions from us at Julia Otilia for a conscious 2023

First of all: we wish you a happy new year from all of us at Julia Otilia! We hope 2023 will
bring you lots of happiness, inspiration, health and positive energy. We’re curious, have you
already made your resolutions for the new year? For us, this time of endings and new
beginnings always brings with it a longing for quietude and refldection. A new year means 365
new days full of possibilities. How do you want to experience those days? What do you want
to invest your time and energy in? What will you take with you, and what do you wish to let
go of? Here are 5 of our own personal resolutions from us at Julia Otilia, to inspire a
conscious 2023 in both ourselves and you.


1. Doing less, but with more presence

Often, our calendars end up full of to-do’s before we realize it. In line with the slow living
philosophy of Julia Otilia’s brand, we want to be mindful of our time (and inspire you to do
so as well). Do you have some space to stand still? Can you create some breathing room in your monthly, weekly or daily schedule?
One of our resolutions is to plan less, but more thoroughly enjoy the things we do by being
more present. More quality time (both with ourselves and others). As we know
those 365 days can fly by, we hope to experience every minute of them with as much
presence and appreciation as possible.


2. Listening to our intuition and bravely
following our heart’s callings

As we get caught up in the rush of the day, we sometimes feel like we may come to lack
attunement to our own inner voice and desires. We tend to make choices based on reason,
but what if we listened to our heart more? Where would that bring us? We want to encourage
you to do more of what feels right for you, even if it doesn’t make any logical sense (to
others). Surprise yourself by following your own flow and see where it takes you. We hope
this will bring all of us a lot of joy and inspiration!


3. Spending more time in nature

As every single one of our jewellery collections is essentially a love letter to nature, surely
you know how appreciative we are of the natural world. That’s why another resolution of
ours is to spend more conscious time in nature. Not just going on a quick walk, or go from
place to place, but to really be there and enjoy all the little things: twirling leaves, the feeling
of the wind and the sunlight or even drops of rain against our skin, the sounds of birds
singing and bugs buzzing, the beautiful colors and shapes. We often forget that we are a part
of nature and that nature is a part of us: connecting with it more can only result in bliss.


4. Slowing down and allowing things
to take time

In the modern world we live in, it’s all about getting things done now. Experiencing things à
la minute. Instant gratification: the quicker, the better. But ironically, this often does not
bring us true contentment. Circling back to our previous resolution, when it comes to this we
can also learn a lot of nature: nature doesn’t let itself be rushed, it moves at its own pace, all
happens in good time. We believe that letting go of the idea that everything should manifest
itself sooner rather than later, and instead allowing things to take time, can bring us so much
inner peace. This doesn’t mean we won’t take action towards our goals and dreams, but
sometimes it can also be good to take a step back and let the universe work its magic… This
year, we aim to slow down where we can and permit things to fall together in their own

5. Purchasing more consciously and only
investing in timeless, durable products

Another resolution of ours is to be more conscious about the purchases we make: we not
only wish to support more small, fair and sustainable brands this year, but we also intend to
invest in items that truly spark joy in us and that will last a long time (if not forever!). For us,
making a purchase is not ‘just’ about buying something: making more intentional purchases
is a beautiful way to cast a vote for the world you’d like to see. For us, that’s a world where
people and nature live in harmony and where products are made with skill, love and care.
For this same reason, at Julia Otilia, we only craft jewellery pieces with timeless designs made of durable, high quality materials.



Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Are you looking for a new piece of sustainable jewellery as you enter this new year full of
fresh possibilities? Don’t forget to check out our collection. We wish you a wonderful 2023!