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Going travelling soon? Here’s our jewellery packing guide for your next holiday

Going travelling soon? Here’s our jewellery packing guide for your next holiday

Now that summer is right here, chances are that you have a lovely holiday planned. Maybe
you’re going on a relaxing beach holiday, an exciting city trip or a sportive adventure.
Wherever you’re going, you cannot forget to pack your most cherished jewellery pieces. We
know packing can be stressful, and you’ll want to make sure your beloved jewellery arrives
safely along with you. That’s why, in this new blogpost, we share our ultimate tips for packing
your jewellery for your next travels.


Pack light and opt for versatility

First of all, since a suitcase has limited space, you’ll want to be picky about the pieces you
bring on your holiday (it might not be a good idea to stuff your entire jewellery collection
into your bag). That’s why we advise you to pack light and opt for versatile jewellery pieces
that are a good match for the kind of trip you’ll be taking. If you’re going hiking, you may not
want to wear the bold, statement earrings that you’d enjoy wearing in a fancy restaurant on
a romantic city escape – you’d probably want to go for more minimalist, functional studs
instead. So, ask yourself, where are you going? What type of activities will you partake in?
And which jewellery pieces will fit in with those activities? This way, you can select a limited
amount of pieces that work well with your plans and are easy to mix and match. Since we are
a sustainable and slow jewellery brand, Julia Otilia’s pieces are all timeless and made to be
combined smoothly.



Plan ahead

If you wish to wear jewellery while travelling to your destination, the best thing to do is to
decide which jewellery pieces you want to wear beforehand. If you want to change yourjewellery as soon as you arrive at your holiday location, it’s a good idea to keep your favorite
pieces in your hand luggage so you can find and access them easily. For precious items of
jewellery (aren’t they all?), storing them in your hand luggage, wallet or clutch is definitely a
good idea, since this means there will be less risk of losing them if something where to
happen with your suitcase.


Take care to prevent damage

Most of our sustainable jewellery pieces are delicate, which is why you’ll want to pack them
safely so they don’t get damaged during your travels. Needless to say, we do not recommend
putting your jewellery pieces in your bag or suitcase without any form of protection: use a
separate bag or container for them instead. The most important thing is to keep your
jewellery dry and out of direct sunlight: exposure to humidity and sunlight will cause
jewellery to tarnish over time. Furthermore, if you use a bag, it’s important that you use a
bag made of fabric rather than a plastic bag, since plastic can emit vapors that can tarnish
and discolor your jewellery.

Keep things organized

To recap: definitely use a special bag or container to store your jewellery safely and apart
from the rest of your luggage. However, it’s important not to put all your different jewellery
pieces together in one single bag, as they may get tangled or scratch each other. Also, it’s
easier to keep things well organized to make sure you can easily find the pieces you are
looking for on your holiday. A few great ways to keep your jewellery organized by separating
different pieces of from one another are using a jewellery roll with different pouches, using a
container with different compartments or opting for a designated jewellery case, like this
beauty from sustainable brand Sézane.


Get creative

Do you not own a storage solution like the ones mentioned above, and do you prefer not to
buy anything new? Then, you can use things you most probably already have at home and
get creative with them. Think about using (paper) drinking straws to keep your necklaces
from getting tangled, using pill containers for your earrings, or using washcloths that you
close by putting rubber bands on them to give your jewellery a soft temporary home during
your travels. Or, even better: use socks to store your jewellery in – since you’ll have to bring
those anyway! With just a spark of creativity, the possibilities are endless.
We wish you an amazing vacation!


Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht. Are you looking for
a new piece of jewellery to wear on your next holiday? Don’t forget to check out our