Introducing More Jewellery Sizes

larger sizes sustainable ethical bridal jewellery

Introducing More Jewellery Sizes

At Julia Otilia, we love organic shapes. Smooth curves, raw edges and perfect imperfection creating an asymmetrical yet harmonious balance. But as much as we care for the uniqueness of these shapes, we care even more about the unique sizes and shapes of those who will wear them. While it’s not possible to create custom jewellery sizes for each and everyone, we do try to be as size-inclusive as possible. Upon your feedback and request, we’ve added more sizes to two of our most loved Skärgård Collection styles: the Serene Seashore Rings and Enchanting Ocean Bracelets.

Serene Seashore Rings

larger sizes sustainable ethical bridal silver ring on model

Peaceful days spent at the seashore, listening to seagulls and the majestic rhythm of ocean waves. Filling your lungs with fresh air, releasing all those worries, doubts and fears, setting yourself free for pure bliss. Tracing the outline and feeling the smoothness of our sustainable ring reminds us of a place of serenity we can also go back to. After hearing all your wishes for more sizes, we are happy to announce our extended size range.

Available Ring Sizes

larger sizes sustainable ethical bridal silver ring style photo

Next to our regular size M (17mm), we have added two more sizes: S (16mm) and L (18mm). A wonderful sustainable statement ring to be worn on any occasion. Wear it in gold to add more warmth and bring out golden hues or in sophisticated silver accentuating cool and calmness.

Enchanting Ocean Bracelets

larger sizes sustainable ethical bridal gold bracelet on model

Captivating, serene, majestic. Always in movement, going with the flow. Our enchanting Ocean Bracelets are inspired by the mystical depths of the ocean. Capturing its elegance, beauty and intrigue. Its asymmetrical shape makes a sophisticating eyecatcher. We love to add even more interest by combining a mat and shiny bracelet. Two perfect counterparts to remind us of the ever-changing state of the ocean.

Available Sizes

larger sizes sustainable ethical bridal silver bracelet style photo

The irregular and unique shape of our sustainable bracelets makes it challenging to create a simple size chart. To give you an idea of the measurements, the broadest point of our smaller size is 50mm x 91mm while the broadest point of our largest size is 52mm x 104mm. You are always welcome to return or exchange your order within 14 days. Or maybe you can make it to one of our markets this season to try them on for yourself and find the perfect size for you.

Words: Jenny Tâm Thai Website | Instagram
Photography: Mandy Aileen Photography  Website | Instagram