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Natural wedding jewellery symbolism: choosing bridal pieces with a special meaning behind them

Natural wedding jewellery symbolism:

choosing bridal pieces with a special

meaning behind them


In our previous blogpost, we shared some tips to help you choose sustainable jewellery pieces
for your wedding. Since your wedding is such a special day and marks the beginning of a new
chapter in both you and your partner’s life, we understand you want to be thoughtful about not
only your choice of outfit, but also your choice of bridal jewellery. To make your wedding look
even more special and layered, you can play with symbolic elements in choosing your wedding
jewellery. In this post we share some common nature-related symbols connected to weddings
and love, based on which you can choose your jewellery pieces.


The circle is considered a symbol of infinity, since circles are continuous and without end.
Similarly, based on this idea, wedding rings are thought to represent eternal, unbreakable
love: they are exchanged by the wedding couple as a symbol of their commitment to the
relationship and the boundless love that they share. If you wish to wear a necklace on your
wedding day, our infinity necklace would be a perfect choice. It’s both available with sustainable
gold plating
and in sterling silver.


A well-known symbol that has everything to do with love,  is the heart symbol. The heart is
known as the seat of emotions, and it is associated with passion and affection. For a lovely
subtle look on your wedding day, our tiny heart earrings are a perfect fit. They are available
in solid gold, sterling silver and with a gold plating. You could also wear them as a set with
our tiny heart necklace, which also comes in a solid gold, sterling silver and gold plated
edition. A match made in heaven!

Pearl necklace


Throughout the centuries, pearls have been ascribed many different symbolisms, but
they are most commonly known as a symbol of purity. Pearls have been a popular
choice for natural wedding jewellery for a long time, in many different cultures.
Furthermore, energetically speaking, pearls are believed to bring calmth and focus, so
they might even help to soothe the wedding day nerves a little bit.

Silver Earrings Bridal Jewelry


This symbol is a bit less obvious, but perhaps because of that even more beautiful: waves
can be considered as a symbol of love and passion, since they are connected to Aphrodite,
the Greek goddess of love, who – as the myth tells us – was born from the sea. Wear our
dancing waves necklace on your wedding day and pair it with our matching dancing waves
for a beautiful statement look. Both are available in sterling silver and with a
gold plating.


Leaves are considered symbols of growth and new beginnings, which beautifully relate
your wedding day and the new adventure you and your love about to embark on. Our sprout
leaf ring
, which comes in both silver and gold, flawlessly relates to this natural symbol and
will look beautiful on your pinky finger. It can be paired with our delicate mini leaf earrings
and our mini leaf necklace for a refined and sophisticated look.


Flowers are a symbol of the blossoming of love. Our bloom of life statement pieces are
perfect for this. Our botanical jewellery collection contains many gorgeous flower-inspired
pieces that are perfect to wear on your wedding day, such as our elegant bloom of life studs
or our eye-catching floral mist earrings. The rose is a flower that is commonly associated
with love, but did you know that tulips are also a symbol of love? Our amulet with a
hand-engraved tulip
is a classic pick with a beautiful meaning behind it, just like our tulip
on stem earrings

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