Serene Lavender pendant solid gold


A solo pendant, for when you already have a perfect necklace chain

Locally and sustainably made in Dutch recycled 14K solid gold
Pendant measurement : 15.5 mm in diameter | 0.6 mm thick

Together with the two sisters Amber & Tanée of the Amsterdam based brand Solitude the Lable, we are launching the Botanical Amulet Collection. It’s a small delicate collection designed by the three of us. The pendants are elegant, natural and delicate.

The Lovely Lavender pendant is a minimalistic 14k gold plate with two lavender branches engraved in the centre of the coin. It is attached to the necklace with a triangular eyelet.

‘Lavender is known to bring grace and good luck. Tranquil lavender’s gift to us is peace of mind’ – Unknown

x Julia, Amber & Tanée

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