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Spring jewellery inspiration: our favourite Spring-inspired jewellery pieces


Spring has officially begun – and we couldn’t be happier about it! As we watch the world
come into bloom, we also feel the need to add some colour and lightness to our lives. With
our sustainable jewellery collection being inspired by the wonders of nature, our pieces
perfectly align with the beauties of each season. And, our Botanical jewellery pieces happen
to be a perfect match for the coming sunny Spring days. Are you in need of some Spring
jewellery inspiration? Then we’ve got just what you need. And, we are having a special
jewellery Spring Sale right this moment! So let’s see our top 5 favourite Spring-inspired
jewellery pieces, shall we?

floret garland earrings and floral mist ring recycled sterling silver on model

1. Floral bracelet

As flowers start popping up everywhere around us, we love adding some of this floral energy
to our lives and looks with our feminine Floral bracelet. The fine chain gives the bracelet an
effortless air, and the handmade trio of flowers add a sense of movement, life and joy. Pair it
with our Floral Mist ring and delicate Floral Trio studs for a sophisticated Spring-inspired look:
a perfect match with your favourite pastel or bright-coloured clothing pieces to welcome this
new season.

2. Gracious Bird earrings

Another Spring favourite: our Gracious Bird earrings, which are available in both gold and
silver. They are inspired by the elegant silhouette of a Magpie, yet they remind us of all the
birds chatting and fluttering around in the flowering trees, and especially of the Blackbird
that sings in the evenings as the days get longer during Springtime. These earrings will
instantly add a feminine and lively touch to any look.

3. Tulip necklace

What radiates ‘Spring’ more than this beautiful flower? When this season is about the begin,
we tend to rush to the market and buy a cheerful tulip bouquet bursting with colour to let
Spring into our homes. Now you can wear this lively flower as well, with our graceful Tulip
necklace. Don’t forget to match it with our Tulip ring and Tulip stem earrings – the epitome
of elegance, and an ideal set for this time of the year.

tulip ring recycled silver on model

4. Fossil stud earrings

In Springtime we feel more connected to nature than ever. Our Fossil stud earrings remind us
of the Earth with all its layers, and the rich stories it carries from years and years of time.
These subtle studs are elegant, yet raw and unique due to their textured look. They can be
matched with our beautiful minimalist Fossil amulet necklace for a beautiful set!

raw pebble earrings recycled silver on model

5. Himalaya Wood bracelet

As we mentioned, in Spring, we long for lightness – just like nature feels brighter and lighter
during this season. That’s why our light-coloured Himalaya Wood bracelet is also one of our
favourites. Its delicate wooden beads in a creamy white colour give it a feminine look, and
the mini leaf charm on the bracelet also reminds us of the sprouting leaves in Spring and the
beginning of new life. And after all, what’s more beautiful than that?

Sustainable ethical conscious bridal wooden himalaya bead bracelet with gold mini leaf

Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht, the Netherlands.
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