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Styling tips: how to choose the right necklace for different necklines

Styling tips: how to choose the right

necklace for different necklines

As the days are getting colder, we want to share some fresh styling inspiration with you
for those perfectly layered autumn and winter looks. In a previous post we shared our
favourite styling tips on how to make your jewellery complement your outfit, but in
today’s blog we’ll focus specifically on matching your necklace to the neckline of your
: we will show you how to choose the right necklace for seven popular necklines
for a stylish look. Have you every wondered how to combine your jewellery with the
neckline of the top or dress
you’re wearing, to make sure your look is well-balanced and
elegant? Look no further! You’ll find all you need to know below. Are you getting married
soon and are you wondering which necklace would best suit the cut of your wedding
? Then this post will also be of help to you!

Long silver infinity necklace

Necklaces for a scoop neckline

Scoop necklines often belong to more fitted tops or dresses. As the shape of this type
of neckline is round, it matches best with a necklace that also has soft, round angles.
With its circle-shape, our Infinity necklace in recycled silver or 24K gold plating would
be a perfect pick for a scoop neckline. Our Pure pearl necklace in 24K gold plating or
repurposed silver would also be a lovely match due to the organic shape of the pendant.

Pure gold necklace botanical pendant

Necklaces for a sweetheart neckline

A sweetheart neckline is elegant, classic and playful all in one, which asks for a necklace
with those same qualities. Again, soft, round pendants go well with this type of neckline.
One of our Botanical necklaces, such as our Graceful poppy necklace, would be a great
choice: the shape of the amulet perfectly matches the curves of the neckline, and its
feminine flower engraving seamlessly complements the neckline’s romantic vibe. The
same goes for our Serene lavender necklace and our Tender tulip necklace. All three
necklaces are available in both recycled sterling silver and solid gold. Ideally, the
pendant would fall right into the ‘dip’ in the middle of the heart-shaped neckline.

Tiny heart necklace gold

Drop necklace wood gold

Necklaces for a square neckline

A square neckline usually works best with a shorter type of necklace. Our Tiny heart
necklace in gold
or recycled 925 sterling silver is the perfect choice, since the pendant
is slightly angular, which matches the shape of the neckline, but still minimalistic.
For this same reason, our Wooden raindrop necklace would also be a perfect fit.

Dancing waves nacklace

Necklaces for a turtleneck or high neckline

A turtleneck is a perfect staple piece for the coming autumn and winter months, but
sometimes it can be hard to choose the right necklace to go with it. As a high neckline
or a turtleneck draws attention to your neck and chin, a longer necklace would be the
ideal match to create a well-balanced look. To balance things out and create a focal
point in your outfit, a statement necklace with a bold pendant does a great job of
filling in the space around the torso. Our beautiful Dancing waves necklace with
sustainable 14K gold plating
(which is also available in a repurposed silver version)
is the perfect statement piece to create this chic look.


Majestic Mussel Necklace Gold

Necklaces for a one-shoulder neckline

A one-shoulder neckline can look super elegant, especially when combined with the
right jewellery pieces. Due to the asymmetry of this type of neckline, you can go two
ways: you can either choose an asymmetric necklace to enhance this effect, like our
Majestic mussel necklace, or choose a simple, shorter necklace to create balance. Or
opt for our short Singö necklace, which adds both the asymmetric effect and brings
balance due to it’s shorter length.

Songö long necklace gold

Necklaces for a boat neckline

Since this type of neckline is rather high, the same advise applies as with a turtleneck
or high neckline: balance out the neck and torso by choosing a longer necklace chain
with beads or a pendant. For this look, our long Singö necklace is a lovely pick. A
necklace that reaches just a bit below the boat neckline makes for the most elegant look.

Long swirling wind necklace gold

Necklaces for a V-neckline

As you may have noticed based on our recommendations above, a general principle
that you can always apply is that your necklace should follow the shape of the
neckline of your top or dress. By this logic, the V-neck is a match made in heaven for
longer necklaces with angular pendants that roughly resemble this V-shape. Our
Long Swirling Wind  Necklace (also available in 925 sterling silver) has a beautiful
angular pendant that’s just right for a V-neck. Another option is to layer shorter and
longer necklaces over one another, to create a similar V-shape with multiple necklaces.



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