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Styling tips to make your jewellery complement your outfit

Praline Bufandy alpaca shawl on model wearing Julia Otilia jewellery

Styling tips to make your jewellery complement your outfit

Color coordinating and complimentary color styling

In the previous blog we mentioned that cool colors work well with silver, whereas warm
colors pair beautifully with gold. The same logic can be applied to your outfit: gold jewellery
will look great with warm, earthy colors, and silver jewellery will look good with cool colors,
such as cool blues and browns. However, there is another way to coordinate the color of
your jewellery and the color of your outfit: opting for complimentary color styling. Looking at
a color wheel, complimentary colors are the colors that are opposite of each other, such as
blue with orange or yellow, and red with green. This means that blue or purple clothing will
look lovely with gold jewellery, and red outfits will go great with emerald jewellery. White
pearls tend to work wonders with blue and green outfits.

Choosing a focal point: it’s all about balance

To bring balance into your outfit, it’s a good idea to choose a focal point: an aspect of your
outfit that you want to draw the attention to. If you want the focus to lie on a specific piece
of jewellery, such as a statement necklace or a pair of bold earrings, you can tone down the
rest of your outfit by choosing minimalistic or monochrome clothing to make sure your
jewellery really steals the show. If you’re looking for a bold yet elegant piece of jewellery, our
Dancing Waves necklace is the way to go. Our Ebb Tide earrings are also a great option if
you’re looking for something classic that really stands out!

Silver sustainable ethical conscious bridal ebb tide earrings on model

Layering your jewellery

An interesting way to add depth to your outfit is by layering your jewellery. You could layer
almost any type of jewellery, for example by combining different bracelets, layering several
necklaces, or creating a ring- or earparty. For layering bracelets, our bangle bracelets are
ideal to combine with beautiful fine chain bracelets or wooden bracelets for a textured look.
For creating a layer of necklaces, it’s a great idea to opt for necklaces with different lengths,
pendants and textures. If you wish to combine different rings, we have some beautiful sets of
stacking rings. Would you rather create an earparty? Then you could combine a pair of our
creole earrings with a pair of one of our delicate studs.

Floral mist jewellery recycled sterling silver

Matching your necklace to your neckline

Another lovely idea to bring harmony into your outfit and jewellery is to match the necklace
you’re wearing to the neckline of your clothing. For example, a v-neckline pairs wonderfully
with a necklace that has a large, angular pendant such as our Majestic Mussel necklace. Long
necklaces look beautiful over clothes that have a crew neckline or a turtleneck. When it
comes to a strapless neckline, a shorter necklace will work best as it will draw the attention
to your collar bones, such as our Pure Pearl necklace.
One last note before we finish: while we hope this blog was inspirational for you, in the end
it’s all about what you feel great in. This article is only meant to give you some new ideas if
that’s what you’re looking for – the most important thing is that you absolutely love what
you wear!

Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht. Are you looking for
a new piece of jewellery? Don’t forget to check out our collection.