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Summer chic holiday looks with our favourite summery jewellery pieces

Summer chic holiday looks with our favourite summery jewellery pieces

We love the summer, since it’s a time when nature is in full bloom, and when we are
surrounded by humble miracles everyday: blossoming flowers bursting with color, the sound
of waves crashing on still sand, a gentle breeze in our hair, along with the warm sunshine on
our skin. Since Julia Otilia’s pieces are inspired by the beauty of nature, there is no better
time than the summer to wear and enjoy our jewellery. Are you looking for some summer
styling inspiration? Maybe because you are going on a trip soon, or just for the pleasure of it?
In this blogpost we share some summery look ideas including our favourite sustainable
jewellery pieces.


A sophisticated beach look with our ethical pearl jewellery

Many who think of the summer, think of the beach: sultry evening walks along endless
coastlines, that first cool dive in the ocean, sailing or surfing, picknicks on the sand or in the
dunes. Raw pearls, due to their connection with the sea, are a perfect addition to any
summer look to create the perfect beachy ensemble. Think about our beautiful Raw Pearlearrings in silver or with a gold plating, which are made with fair labor sweet water pearls in
a subtle, soft pink color – wear them with a flowy summer dress and you’re ready for a day
of relaxing in style.

Elegant summer evenings in our statement pieces

For romantic dinners or late night drinks with friends, you may want to opt for a bold yet
elegant look. A pair of our statement earrings is the perfect match for such an occasion: our
Ebb Tide earrings with durable gold plating are inspired by the summer tides and will look
perfect with a chic jumpsuit over cocktails with people you love. You could also opt for our
statement Dancing Waves necklace, or, better yet, a combination of the two. This necklace
will look especially stylish combined with an elegant V-shaped neckline.


A playful floral look with our botanical jewellery

Would you prefer a more playful look, for example for a park picknick or flower picking at a
local garden? Then, any of our botanical pieces will be a perfect choice. These floral jewellery
designs are inspired by the most beautiful flowers, and will instantly add some liveliness to a
classic look. Our Floral bracelet in silver will look sweet with a feminine top and shorts.
Combine it with our Floret Stud earrings for a casual, yet refined look.


Breezy summer vibes with our Sjöbris collection

Did you know our Sjöbris collection is inspired by the soothing sea breeze? Any item from
this collection works perfectly for a breezy summer look. Our Gräsö earrings in a combination
of matte and shiny gold plating add a unique touch to any outfit. Looking for something more
minimalistic? Then you might like to add our Singö stud earrings to your summer attire. They will look wonderful with a loose flower-printed dress for a bohemian chic feel.
We hope you enjoyed this bit of styling inspiration. Julia Otilia wishes you an amazing


Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht. Are you looking for
a new piece of jewellery? Don’t forget to check out our collection.