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Sustainable bridal inspiration: tips for choosing what jewellery pieces  to wear on your wedding day 

Sustainable bridal inspiration: tips for choosing what jewellery pieces  to wear on your wedding day

Whether you are getting married soon, or you just love fantasizing about your future nuptials
(or weddings in general), the wedding look of your dreams would not be complete without
beautiful conscious bridal jewellery. Since it’s such a big day, it can be a daunting task to
choose the right outfit, including the jewellery pieces you are going to wear. With this
blogpost we hope to give you lots of inspiration for choosing your wedding jewellery, so you
can feel as beautiful and radiant as possible on this special day.

Silver or golden wedding jewellery?

There’s two ways you can go here. You can either choose the metal you’ll be wearing based
on the shade of your wedding dress, or based on your skin undertone – however, what
would be ideal is if the metal matches both your dress and your natural hue. Generally, a
warm skin undertone works best with gold jewellery, a cold undertone looks brilliant with
silver jewellery and a neutral skin tone fits both. Are you not sure what your skin undertone
is? We have written a blogpost about choosing your jewellery color based on your skin
undertone, which guides you through all the steps of determining your undertone and more
thoroughly explains what undertone goes best with what metal and why. Do you already
know your undertone, and would you like to match the color of your jewellery to the shade
of your wedding gown? Then keep on reading!

Matching your jewellery to your wedding dress

If both silver and gold jewellery look good on you (lucky you!), or if you would simply like to
make sure your jewellery complements the color of your wedding dress, we have some tips
to get it just right. Is your dress white? Then silver or platinum jewellery will work best for a
fresh look. For a more creamy-colored dress, such as ivory, gold jewellery will be a perfect
match. Champagne-colored gowns pair well with both gold jewellery and matte silver for a
vintage-inspired look. For gowns with a blushy or subtle pink shade to them, rose gold
jewellery is a perfect choice. Using these suggestions, you can effortlessly tie your complete
wedding look together.

Statement or subtle bridal jewellery

Another thing to consider, is whether you would like to go for statement jewellery pieces, or
more subtle, minimalist jewellery. Again, you can make this decision based on the look of
your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is simple and classic, statement jewellery will
complement it nicely. A more playful or lavish dress may work better with classic and subtle
jewellery, to bring balance into your outfit. But then again – the most important thing is that
YOU feel happy with your bridal look. After all, it’s a day you’ve probably been dreaming
about for a long time!

Wedding jewellery symbolism

Would you like to add a deeper layer of meaning to your choice of ethical wedding jewellery,
by choosing pieces that symbolize all the right things for your wedding day? Then make sure
to read our blogpost on symbolism in wedding jewellery. This post provides inspiration based
on well-known bridal jewellery symbols, and we also share our top picks for Julia Otilia’s
most beautiful symbolic wedding jewellery pieces.

Julia Otilia’s sustainable wedding jewellery

Are you ready to start browsing? Then take a look at Julia Otilia’s sustainable wedding
jewellery collection. Like all of our jewellery pieces, our bridal jewellery is ethically,
sustainably and locally designed and made just for you in our atelier in Utrecht. Our pieces
are both unique and timeless, so they are perfect for your wedding, but you could also wear
them after your wedding for a long time to come to remind you of this special day, if you’d

Custom-made sustainable bridal jewellery

Would you like something custom–made? We love creating a special piece just for you! Did
you know we also make sustainable and ethical wedding rings in recycled solid gold? If you’d
like to receive more information about this, just send us a message on Instagram or an e-mail
and we’ll be right there to help you.

Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht. Are you looking for
a new piece of jewellery? Don’t forget to check out our collection.