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The Art of Stacking & Layering Sustainable Jewellery for Timeless Elegance

The Art of Stacking & Layering Sustainable Jewellery for Timeless Elegance

In a world overwhelmed with fleeting trends, the allure of timeless style has never been more appealing. For those who appreciate the enduring beauty of quality craftsmanship and sustainable practices, stacking and layering jewellery offers a unique opportunity to curate a timelessly stylish look. In this blog post, we’ll explore the art of harmoniously mixing sustainable jewellery pieces to create a sophisticated combination of accessories that will add a touch of flair to any outfit.

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What is jewellery stacking and layering?

We mention both stacking and layering jewellery, because there is a difference between the two: jewellery stacking is the term that is mostly used for mixing different kinds of rings and bracelets, as you stack them on top of one another, while jewellery layering more often refers to combining various necklaces, wearing one underneath the other. In essence, jewellery stacking and jewellery layering are styling techniques that allow you to wear multiple pieces of jewellery at the same time, creating an effortless yet interesting and unique look. So, let’s look into how we can perfect these jewellery styling methods, shall we?

Tips for elegantly stacking your rings

Ring stacking is a technique that is used more and more often, and that can fit into many different styles, looks and vibes – from polished to casual. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when stacking your rings, to make sure you create the perfect ring stack:

1. Make sure to include different shapes & sizes:

choose rings in varying sizes to create dimension and prevent a bulky appearance. You’ll want to mix thin bands with wider ones for a balanced and aesthetically pleasing stack.

2. Pay attention to balance & symmetry:

achieve a harmonious look by distributing rings evenly across different fingers. Experiment with symmetry or asymmetry to find a style that suits your preferences.

3. Mix metals & textures:

combining different metals, such as gold, silver, and rose gold, adds visual interest and a modern touch to your ring stack. Be mindful of balancing the tones to create a cohesive look. Using rings with various textures, finishes, and styles will add a sense of diversity and eclecticism, too: this can include hammered or matte textures, smooth surfaces, or even incorporating statement pieces.

4. Minimalism vs. statement looks:

decide whether you want a minimalistic and subtle stack or a bold, statement-making one. Mixing and matching delicate rings with more prominent pieces can create a dynamic and interesting combination.

5. Be conscious of comfort & wearability:

consider the comfort of wearing multiple rings. Ensure they fit well together without being too tight or uncomfortable; you want your ring stack to be both stylish and practical for everyday wear.

How to stylishly stack bracelets

In order to create a stylish stack of bracelets and achieve a balanced and visually appealing look, here are some important aspects you may want to pay attention to:

1. Mix and match materials:

be sure to incorporate a variety of materials into your bracelet stack for texture and visual interest. Combine bangle bracelets with fine chains and beaded bracelets, for example; this mix adds depth and uniqueness to your overall look.

2. Vary sizes & shapes:

just as we mentioned for stacking rings, choose bracelets with different sizes, shapes, and widths. A combination of thin and chunky bracelets, along with varied shapes like cuffs, bangles, and wraps, creates a visually dynamic and layered effect. This variety ensures that each bracelet stands out.

3. Create a focal point:

for a stylish touch, designate a focal point within your stack. This could be a standout bracelet with a unique design, color, or charm. Placing it strategically in the stack draws attention and adds a sense of purpose to the overall arrangement.

4. Stick to a color palette:

to maintain a cohesive look, stick to a specific color palette when stacking bracelets. Whether it’s monochromatic, complementary, or contrasting colors, a unified color scheme ties the stack together. Consider the overall color scheme of your outfit for a harmonious appearance.

5. Mindful stacking:

pay attention to how you place the bracelets on your wrist. Start with a base of a few foundational pieces and then add complementary styles around them. Experiment with different stacking orders until you find a combination that flows well and feels balanced.  

Do’s & don’ts for layering different necklaces

Wearing combinations of multiple different necklaces at once has become more and more popular, as it allows you to create a playful yet chique appearance. That’s why we’ve gathered some specific tips on necklace layering for you as well:

1. Vary necklace lengths:

choose necklaces of different lengths to create a visually appealing cascade. Layering lengths effectively adds depth and prevents the necklaces from tangling. Common lengths to consider include chokers, princess length, matinee length, and longer statement pieces.

2. Create a gradual gradient:

achieve a balanced look by creating a gradual gradient with your necklace lengths. Start with a shorter necklace near the collarbone and gradually increase the length as you move down. This creates a balanced and flowing effect.

3. Mix different pendant sizes & styles:

combine necklaces with varying pendant sizes and styles to add interest and character to your layers. Pair delicate chains with small pendants alongside bolder pieces to add a sense of both balance and eclecticism to your outfit.

4. Make sure your necklace complements your neckline:

consider matching your necklace layers with the neckline of your outfit. For example, scoop necklines work well with shorter necklaces, while V-necks can accommodate both shorter and longer pieces. You’ll find more specific tips on this in our blogpost about choosing the ideal necklace for the neckline of your clothing.

5. Embrace minimalism:

while it may be tempting to go all-out, don’t underestimate the power of a well-curated, minimalist look. With a few carefully chosen necklaces with simple pendants or charms, you can already create an elegant and refined appearance without overdoing it.


Ultimately, of course, the key to a stylish jewellery stacking or layering combination is personal expression and experimentation. So, we hope you have fun mixing and matching your favourite sustainable jewellery pieces to create a mixture that reflects your unique style. Do you wish for some additional, personal slow jewellery shopping or styling advice? Feel free to contact us via e-mail ( or our Instagram.


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