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The power of gold: healing and energetic qualities

We love the aesthetic of gold as a precious metal, and solid gold is an increasingly used material in
our jewellery designs. Did you actually know that all of our jewellery can be made in solid gold, upon request? The gold we use is 14K Dutch repurposed gold, meaning it was locally recycled in the Netherlands. This felt like a more conscious choice in line with our brand
philosophy, as gold mining is one of the most environmentally destructive industries in the
world: therefore, we are happy to work with existing gold, giving it a new life through our
jewellery designs, and still being able to use this beautiful material without contributing to the
damage of the conventional gold mining industry. In a previous blogpost we shared more
information on gold, its properties and the meaning of caratageL, but in today’s blogpost we’d
like to explore the energetic and healing qualities of gold, since this material has some truly
special powers. Are you ready?

Spiritual meaning of gold

Gold is mostly connected to prosperity and wealth, and in spiritual terms gold is deemed
illuminating, sacred, and durable. With its radiant warm colour the precious metal is also
universally associated with sunlight, often being called The Metal of the Sun. Apart from
richness and abundance, gold has also been long believed to embody divinity and honour. Due
to the scarcity, rarity, indestructible nature and malleability of the material, gold came to play
an important symbolic role in many religions all over the world: in Old Egypt, for example,
the departed were often buried with gold as it was thought to have magic powers and could
protect them in the Afterlife​1, and in Christianity gold became a symbol of Christ’s reign on
Earth​2. Moreover, gold is associated with wisdom and love.

Sustainable ethical conscious floral hoop earrings in gold

Energetic qualities of gold

So, gold carries a myriad of spiritual, religious and symbolic meanings, but what are the
energetic qualities of gold as a material? As gold is chemically inert, meaning it is unreactive
and stable under different conditions, as well as conductive of heat and electricity, it is
believed to transfer this sense of stability onto the person wearing the material, and similarly
to provide a stabilizing influence on the energies of other gemstones worn in combination
with gold​3. The metal is said to harness masculine energy and, as we already mentioned
above, the warmth and power of the sun. It holds a warm energy and radiates soothing
vibrations, which could lighten tension and stress in the body and provide composure as it
calms the nervous system as well as the emotional state of its wearer.

Healing & health benefits of gold

Gold has also been used in biomedicine for thousands of years, as it is claimed to have
various health benefits, from having anti-inflammatory properties to helping the absorption of
vitamins in the body. Nowadays, gold compounds even contribute to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis​4. Furthermore, scientists have discovered self-healing properties in
microparticles of gold​5, which could possibly affirm their healing effect on the body. And last
but not least: as gold is a powerful natural material, it may also help us to attune to the healing
forces of nature. We were already mesmerized by gold’s outer beauty, but these exciting
discoveries and interesting spiritual attributes make this material even more special to us! Do
you have a favourite piece of gold jewellery yet?

Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht, the Netherlands.
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