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Welcoming autumn 2022: sustainable jewellery inspiration & trends

Welcoming autumn 2022: sustainable jewellery inspiration & trends

As the green leaves are slowly starting to turn into warm browns, reds and yellows, autumn
is settling in. To us, a new season always brings a sense of closure and change. What are you
letting go of this season? And what are you welcoming? With this fresh start, you may also
be longing for some new styling inspiration as you settle back into your post-summer
routines. With this blogpost, we hope to bring you some fresh fall jewellery inspiration to
help you feel at your best this season.

Fall color inspiration: warm and earthy

As you may know, we love drawing inspiration from nature for our designs. But when it
comes to color styling, nature also has a thing or two to teach us. Looking at the beautiful
color changes in nature during this season, warm colors seem like the perfect choice for a
lovely fall look: think of earthy colors, similar to those of the trees and plants that are gently
letting go of their leaves, such as deep browns, greens, reds, yellows and beiges. You can
complete your autumn-inspired outfit with a piece of golden jewellery for a warm touch. Are
you not sure which jewellery color suits you? Then make sure to read our previous blogpost
that helps you discover which jewellery color matches your undertone.

gold sustainable ethical conscious bridal pearl creole earrings

Autumn jewellery trends – but with a timeless twist

While current trends can give us a boost of inspiration, at Julia Otilia we love keeping our
designs timeless so they can be enjoyed for a much longer time than just one season. That’s
why we want to inspire you with a classic take on current fall trends. Pearls, for example,
have been spotted abundantly on this year’s fall runway. While pearl jewellery is on-trend at
this moment, the beauty and timelessness of pearls reaches far beyond this sole season, as
they can be worn with any outfit and have been a classic piece for ages. Combine our gold pure pearl necklace with our gold pearl creole earrings (both are also available in sustainable
sterling silver) for a beautiful set.

Designers’ fall runway looks also often included stacked
bangle bracelets, a style staple that can be beautifully recreated with our classic bangle bracelets in gold and silver, available with both matte and shiny finishes. Flower power is
another theme that is fully in fashion at this moment. Our nature-inspired jewellery designs
often include flowers: our silver floral mist earrings or gold bloom of life studs form the
perfect answer to this fall tendency, keeping summer alive in our hearts for just a little while
longer. Or lean into the flower theme as well as the trend of charm jewellery with one of our
hand-engraved flower pendants, such as this sweet poppy pendant, to complete your perfect
fall look.

Majestic mussel earrings in silver on model

Fall fashion looks and how to style them with your jewellery

In fashion, a common theme at this moment is a longing nostalgia for the nineties –
including recurring trends such as slip dresses, florals, flannels and frayed jeans. These looks
can be matched perfectly with pieces of statement jewellery, such as our gold ebb tideearrings or our gold dancing waves necklace. The trend of oversized clothing can be
complemented with more feminine pieces of jewellery, like our gold majestic mussel earrings, which would look wonderful with an oversized fine-knit jumper. If too much of a
bold look is not for you, you can opt for a lovely minimalist appearance, completed with a
pair of classic studs such as our gold dainty pebble studs. Playful bohemian styles are also
ideal for this season and go effortlessly with subtle, sweet pieces such as our star blossomring.

We hope this blogpost has provided you with lots of inspiration for this autumn. Are you
looking for personal advice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht. Are you looking for
a new piece of jewellery this fall? Don’t forget to check out our collection.