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Let’s protect the Amazon together | Julia Otilia x One Tree Planted

Let’s save the Amazon Jungle

Rebuilding the Amazon one tree at a time with One Tree Planted

written by: Jenny Tam Thai

Photo credit: Natalie Gallon/CNN

It’s simply heartbreaking. If you asked a little child to paint the Amazon Rainforest for you, chances are, you would receive an artwork depicting the most luscious of greens, a painting filled to the brim with trees and animals. And that’s how a rainforest is supposed to be: rich with vegetation, untouched, the epitome of raw beauty. Instead, we are now hearing news every day about the extent of the atrocious flames burning down the Amazon Rainforest. While some may not always be able to see the forest for the trees, it is now thick smoke that is laying on top of the woods like a heavy veil of death. However far this is away from us, we need to take action. We, as a conscious brand have now partnered with the NGO One Tree Planted to help rebuild the rainforest. Keep on reading to find out more..

Our Partnership with One Tree Planted

As of August 2019, Julia Otilia has officially partnered with One Tree Planted. A non-profit organisation that is focused on global reforestation.

Planting a tree with every order

From now on, every single order that you make will allow for one new tree to be planted. We are so excited that a few trees are planted per day already! Thank you to everyone for the contribution. Slowly but surely we are rebuilding our environment, one tree at a time..

In touch with nature

Working with organic materials is where our roots lie. Something we truly cherish and always keep in our hearts. Our sustainable wooden bangles from certified tropical wood, for instance, keep us grounded every day.

Every tree helps

What can we do to help the Amazon, you may ask. The answer: planting new trees. It may sound surprisingly simple but with every tree planted, we are essentially growing a new foundation for rebuilding an entire ecosystem.

The importance of trees

Have you ever considered what trees are capable of? Our forests act as ‘carbon sinks’, taking up all the carbon that is being produced. Is a forest destroyed by fire, not only is this capability lost. All the carbon that has previously been stored is released back into our atmosphere. Have a look at this great blog post for more information.

Julia Otilia Summer Sale

Our summer sale is still happening, with new offers added sporadically. Also, these orders will allow for new trees to be planted every time. Have a look here.