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Locally made

A small scale local & sustainable production

It’s a delight to share that  our production have now moved to the Netherlands. About a year ago we made the decision to bring out production “home”.  Our aim was to be able to assure a production which is as aligned with our conscious philosophy as possible: Slow, fair, local and earth friendly.

We found a small wonderful casting studio in the Netherlands to collaborate with, less than hour away by train. They melt locally recycled sterling silver and solid gold and pour into our jewellery molds. The final steps to the jewellery (sawing, filing, sanding, polishing, assembling) is done by hand in our own atelier in Utrecht. We are proud and happy with the  this and hope you will be able to feel all the love, care and presence poured into each piece of the jewellery.

After some rounds of research we also found a wonderful place in Amsterdam which is now applying a strong (3 micron) 14K gold layer to our gold plated pieces.

We also make our jewellery in recycled solid gold, on request.

This delicate set of jewellery above is casted in Dutch recycled silver and plated with a strong layer of 14K gold in Amsterdam. The tiny diamonds are ethical sustainable lab grown diamonds with low environmentally impact. More about them in another blogpost soon!