Sustainable Capsule Collection in the Making

sustainable botanical jewellery capsule collection in the making

Sustainable Jewellery Design

As a sustainable jewellery brand, we work according to the slow fashion principle. Instead of releasing new collections every season, we work with the waves of inspiration. As soon as a new wave of inspiration hits us, we start daydreaming about our idea, let our thoughts run wild and pick up pen and paper to create the first sketch. The time has come and we’ve been working on our new collection for you. Keep on reading to find out more!


Finding Inspiration for our Sustainable Capsule Collection

sustainable ethical botanical jewellery inspiration mood board

We are strong believers that inspiration can be found anywhere. You just have to keep your mind and eyes open in order for you to receive it. That’s when we usually like to go for a walk in nature, sit by the water or go or explore a foreign place we haven’t been. Then we go to work, deciding on a mood, compiling our most inspirational images and expanding our ideas. We love to notice shapes, curves and patterns. Irregularities over regularities. Movements, sounds and feelings. It’s always the small details that seem to grab our attention the most. For our sustainable capsule collection, we found inspiration from the beautiful shapes and curves of flowers and flower petals.


Our new Botanical Capsule Collection in the Making

These past months, we’ve been consistently working on developing and refining our vision for our new sustainable collection. We are overly excited to share that it will be a sustainable capsule collection with a Botanical Theme. And we’ve got the first wax samples to show to you! You can expect beautiful leaves and flower petals, celebrating the wonders of and our love for nature.


A Work in Progress

What is left to do? Our designer Julia is currently working on finalising all the samples in the Netherlands. Following that, we’re hoping to produce the first pieces of our sustainable capsule collection for you in February locally in the Netherlands! As usual, we’ll be working with sustainable recycled silver. We’ve got some exciting plans with this collection, stay tuned to hear more about it in the near future.


Words: Jenny Tâm Thai


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