A New Story Pop-Up: Conscious Pop-Up Sale in Amsterdam

Seven days, six brands, one mission: spreading the word about slow and conscious fashion. From 30 April – 6 May you will not just find a regular pop-up shop in Amsterdam, but even a sale of various beautiful conscious brands. We are more than delighted to take part in the conscious pop-up sale, along with AestheticStories, Biso Coco, Studio Cosima, Take it slow and Qnoop.


What are conscious brands?

Generating enough revenue is one of every business’ top priorities to sustain and make money. And obviously, the higher the amount of money the better. In order to make even more money, many brands see the option to cut certain costs in areas. This can be for instance the production process, resulting in lower wages for the workers or not eco-friendly practices, or the product quality, leading to lower durability and higher need to repurchase new items. Conscious brands, on the other hand, have embedded in their brand DNA to create as little harm as possible. As the principle of sustainability is three-fold, conscious brands try to find the right balance between the social side (e.g. ethical production and fair wages), the environmental side (e.g. eco-friendly practices and design philosophies like recycling/upcycling), and the economic side (e.g. generating enough money to sustain as a business). Quite often, this might result in a lower margin and a higher price for the consumer to pay. However, it is guaranteed that the products are ‘made with love’ and made to last. Overall, you might be surprised to find out that conscious brands don’t actually always put that much focus on the ‘sustainability’ aspect. Because the emphasis is most often the joy and love of creating – sustainability is more of a given.

At Julia Otilia, we are trying to become as sustainable as possible. We have gone through little changes regarding both production and material. At the moment, we are exclusively working with a small atelier in Bali. Of course, all the production is done ethically and we always ensure that fair wages are paid. Since we’re in constant touch about the production, we have the full control and knowledge about what is happening. We actively work together to ensure constant growth and improvements in every step. The final touches and small assembling work is still made in our own atelier in Utrecht.


What can you expect from the Conscious Pop-Up?

Come by to De Merkenwinkel in the famous nine streets of Amsterdam where the Conscious Pop-Up Sale will take place. An inspiring atmosphere and discounts on all the beautiful things from the aforementioned brands will be awaiting you. The products range from clothing to accessories to skincare. For anyone who is interested in sustainability and slow fashion, and would like to learn more, this is the perfect event for you to be. As mentioned earlier, although this is a collective of ‘conscious brands’, the focus is most definitely not on sustainability as that should be granted. Instead, expect beautiful products that also happen to have a sustainable side to them – just how it should be with every single product out there.

The opening hours are as followed:

Mon: 13.00 – 18.00
Tue-Fri: 10.00 – 18.00
Sat: 11.00 – 18.00
Sun: 12.00 – 17.00

Feel free to follow the Facebook Event for any updates.


From Julia Otilia, you will find many things from our first collection which still incorporated components, such as eco leather from free walking goats and water buffalos in Nigeria and South Africa, eco cork from cork oaks from South Africa, and fair labour sweet water pearls that are grown slowly on small family farms in the Hainan province of China. From our first collection on, we were trying to take the social and environmental side into account. Every piece was assembled in our little design studio in Utrecht. We currently do not work with these materials anymore as we are on our journey to becoming as sustainable as we possibly can. Hence, why we would like to release a big part of our past collection to make space for the new and more sustainable products that we just love to create for you.

We can’t wait to see you then x


Written by: Jenny Tam Thai