Fashion Revolution Week | Our Workshop in Bali

Written by: Jenny Tam Thai


This week marks the 5th anniversary of Fashion Revolution. It has been five years already since the tragic collapse in Rana Plaza in Bangladesh, causing the death of thousands of garment workers. In remembrance of this disaster, the Fashion Revolution Week aims to raise more awareness about the unspoken issues in the fashion industry, increasing the transparency and creating a movement towards a more sustainable future. With the #whomademyclothes campaign, consumers are encouraged to be more conscious and ask brands who have made their clothes, giving brands a chance to show more transparency.

At Julia Otilia, we care a lot about sustainability and ethical production. However, for us, it is a given that everything we do should create as much joy and as little harm as possible. We are truly in love with our small atelier in Bali and all the incredible artisan skills that the wonderful people have. We are mentioning a lot about them so today, in honour of Fashion Revolution Week, we wanted to finally give you an insight into our production workspace in beautiful Bali.

It is especially the delicacy and simplicity that is most characteristic for our designs. We are simply in awe of how precise our ideas can be translated from sketches on paper to actual little tangible objects. Everything is handmade and done with so much care and joy that it really warms our hearts.

And of course, we also want to show you a few of the actual faces behind all of this incredible work! Please meet Nanang, Kario, Latif and Ponawi, a part of the team that we have been working with for several years already.

All of the artisans have the most amazing skills and love what they are doing. We are more than happy to be working with such a wonderful team of people and are looking forward to growing even more on our journey together. What we particularly love about producing in Bali, is their mindful and present way of working that harmonises very well with our idea of the slow fashion philosophy. There is no pressure to rush as we don’t follow any specific seasons or deadlines. For our collections, we care about timeless elegance and beauty that is not only reflected in our final products, but also in the way we design and produce every single piece, right from beginning to the end.