autumn promotion sale sustainable ethical bridal jewellery

Autumn Promotion | Discounts on our favourite Autumn Picks

autumn promotion sale sustainable ethical bridal jewellery

Autumn Promotion on our Season’s Favourites

Oh, what a joy the new season has been so far! Autumn has fuelled us with so many projects and newfound energy thus far. Celebrating Autumn time and following the melody of the wind, we have thought to introduce a special Autumn Promotion on four of our favourite season picks: our Raindrop Necklaces, Eucalyptus Leaf Earrings, Lotus Seed Bracelets & Sprout Leaf Rings. Adding a touch of warmth and those golden tones.


Raindrop Necklace

autumn promotion raindrop sustainable ethical bridal silver necklace

The magic of wrapping up at home, holding a warming cup of tea in your hands while hearing the gentle sound of raindrops on your windowpane. Tracing those pristine drops as they slowly roll down on the other side, just a piece of glass in-between you. Both, our silver and gold sustainable Raindrop Necklaces are part of our celebratory Autumn Promotion.


Eucalyptus Leaf Earrings

autumn promotion sustainable ethical bridal gold eucalyptus earrings

A Julia Otilia classic we just had to include in our Autumn Promotion: our Eucalyptus Leaf earrings. Long, sleek and elegant, elongating and accentuating the wearer’s face. No matter if the warm and glowing version in gold or the polished and brilliant version in silver, these sustainable earrings add a wonderful accent to any day and night.


Lotus Seed Bracelet

autumn promotion sustainable ethical bridal lotus seed bracelet

To us, Autumn is a beautiful reminder to connect back to nature and feel connected to the outdoors. So we couldn’t resist but add our beloved Lotus Seed Bracelets into our Autumn Promotion. With these around our wrists, we can almost feel the calming energy all the way from Nepal where we’ve carefully sourced them from. We’ve combined those beautiful organic cacao coloured lotus seeds either with a gold-plated bead or a silver-plated bead to add an extra touch of elegance. Organic jewellery at it’s finest..


Sprout Leaf Ring

autumn promotion sustainable ethical bridal silver sprout leaf ring

Last, but not least, we couldn’t disregard all the growth and new energy the new season has been fuelling us with. What better way to celebrate than to include our Sprout Leaf Rings in our Autumn Promotion. Symbolising new beginnings, constant growth and endless potential, this sustainable ring is one of our all-time favourites. Handmade with love in Bali and available in repurposed silver or plated with gold.


Words: Jenny Tâm Thai