Fashion Revolution Week | Our Atelier in Utrecht

It’s the last day of this year’s Fashion Revolution Week already. We were more than happy to give you an insight into our beloved workshop in Bali, but we didn’t want to stop there. Because that’s not where the journey of our jewellery stops either.

In the fashion industry, one garment can travel thousands of miles around the world before you can find it hanging instore, ready to be purchased. That is not only due to all the lengthy production processes (designing, cutting, sewing, dying, printing etc.) but also due to all the different components (fibres, fabrics, buttons, zippers, pockets etc.). And most often, that makes the whole supply chain very confusing and hard to follow. Trying to then increase transparency can be very daunting and complicated.

With jewellery, we are also facing many little components from all over the world. However, we do try to consciously limit the number of different places as much as possible. While our designs are done in the Netherlands and produced in Bali, many pieces still need to be assembled before they are actual pieces of jewellery. All of this assembling work is done by ourselves in our atelier in Utrecht. Here, we are combining the pendants that we receive from Bali with components, such as ballpins, jumprings and different wires and chains that we receive from our wholesaler from the United States, to create all the final jewellery pieces that you can see in our webshop.