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Just launched: everything about our Swirling Wind collection

Ethically made conscious sustainable Swirling Wind necklace

Just launched: everything about our Swirling Wind collection

You may have already seen it: Julia Otilia’s brand new collection has launched last week! We
are so excited to share these creations with you, which make up our most luxurious and
elegant collection so far. This collection is (even) more high end than our previous
collections, as it has the highest of quality both in design and material use. The mesmerizing
pieces of our Swirling Wind collection are perfect to wear on festive occasions, such as
Christmas or New Year’s Eve, but they also make the ideal conscious attribute to a magical
winter wedding… Are you as thrilled as we are? Then keep reading, for in today’s post we
will tell you all the ins and outs about our newly launched jewellery collection.



Design and sources of inspiration

While these jewellery pieces just freshly launched, the idea for our Swirling Wind collection
had already been brewing for a year. Spending last summer in beautiful Sweden, designer
Julia Otilia immersed herself in nature, studying its subtle movements closely and carefully.
As the name of the collection reveals, the pieces in this collection are inspired by the graceful
movements of wind, capturing this airy, swirling dynamic in soft, organic shapes that radiate
an effortless luxury.



Materials and work process

The creation of this collection has been an interesting journey, including numerous rounds of
sketching, figuring out which tools and techniques would work best to craft the curved,
twisted shapes of these new pieces, deciding what materials to invest in, and weeks of cozy
late night sample making experiments in our atelier in Utrecht. The earrings are made in
sustainable recycled sterling silver and high quality 18K gold plating. As goes for our
previous collections, all jewellery pieces are fairly, carefully and consciously handmade in our
own gold smithing atelier in the heart of Utrecht.


Sustainability and slow jewellery

Our new pieces can be viewed as a capsule jewellery collection, as all jewellery pieces are
versatile and complement each other beautifully, giving you the opportunity to wear them as a
set. In line with our slow jewellery philosophy, all items are timeless and emulate a lasting
beauty and feminine sophistication. All of our pieces are made to order, which means they are
hand crafted especially for you. Their making time is approximately between 1 and 2 weeks.
So, if you wish to give them as a present for a special occasion, be sure to make your purchase
mindfully and timely.

Our favourite pieces from the new collection

To bring you some inspiration, we wish to share our favourite pieces from the new collection
with you:

Swirling wind ring gold plated

1. Swirling Wind Stud earrings

Our Swirling Wind stud design earrings are inspired by the natural movement of wind. With
their smooth organic curves they are the ideal feminine addition to any outfit, both suitable for
festive occasions and day-to-day wear to make you feel beautiful and empowered, always.

Our Swirling Wind Stud earrings are available in a Dutch recycled sterling silver version and
an 18K gold plated version.

Swirling wind dangling earrings gold plated

2. Swirling Wind Dangling Stud earrings

​Our Swirling Wind Dangling Stud earrings are a true statement set: with their longer, dangling
design they add a sense of dynamism and unparalleled elegance. While all of our jewellery
pieces from this new collection would make amazing sustainable bridal jewellery, our
Dangling Stud earrings are a true dream addition to any conscious wedding or grand party.

Our Swirling Wind Dangling Stud earrings are available in a Dutch recycled sterling silver
version and an 18K gold plated version.

3. Swirling Wind necklace

Our Swirling Wind necklace will make you feel absolutely stunning and feminine with its
angular, organically shaped pendant design. Beautiful to wear over a high neck jumper or a V-
neck dress, but frankly, we believe you cannot go wrong in styling this classic item.

Our Swirling Wind necklace is available in a Dutch recycled sterling silver version and an 18K
gold plated version.

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Julia Otilia is a sustainable, ethical and fair jewellery brand from Utrecht, the Netherlands.
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